Petri Alanko

Composer, musician and producer Petri Alanko creates stunning music for visual media, including games, television, movies and advertising, with his unique composing style which is rich with vibrant harmonies and unusual instrumentation.

Having also studied theoretical physics and computing in the early 90's – in addition to a life-long study of classical music – his ability to adapt new techniques to his compositions and production style is a valuable tool for modern visual media productions.

Ranging from hard-edged all-electronic to sublime orchestral scores, his style varies depending on the needs of the production, combining contemporary instruments with cutting edge technology and custom built tools for sculpting the sound – creating a memorable, timeless result, which is instantly recognizable.

Petri’s output is known from games (such as Remedy Entertainment’s Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Death Rally, Quantum Break, Redlynx/Ubisoft’s MotoHeroz, Trials Evolution and now Trials Frontier and Trials Fusion, Supercell’s HayDay, Battle Buddies and Gunshine and numerous other titles), but lately he’s been branching out to TV and movies - Imaginaerum The Movie’s soundtrack was practically realised from zero to a full product in his highly customized facility in the heart of Espoo, Finland.

His original soundtrack for Alan Wake was nominated in Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2010, and he won “Best Score 2010” in Square Enix’s AGMA, 2010. Alan Wake OST was also nominated for Best Soundtrack in BAFTA 2011.

Just a while ago, his music was heard by over 103.000.000 people, when XBox One was revealed.

Right now he’s heavily involved with Remedy Entertainment’s latest triple-A game/TV project, “Quantum Break”, release date TBA. Combining top-notch storytelling with Hollywood actors, film makers, technology and scripts, Quantum Break is going to be one of the most eagerly-awaited releases of the new XBox One console.

Petri maintains a highly customized studio in Espoo, Finland, and his set of tools ranging from numerous antique analogue synthesizers to DSP processors enable him to sculpt the sound into an organic, evolving entity. For most of the projects he has also developed a separate set of tools with Symbolic Sound Pacarana and other audio development platforms.


Quantum Break Remedy
Alan Wake's American Nightmare Remedy
Pocket Village Wooga
Hay Day Supercell
Trials Evolution RedLynx
Nutty Fluffies RedLynx
Alan Wake Dlc 1 & 2 Remedy
Death Rally Hd Remedy
Motoheroz RedLynx
Alan Wake Remedy
Lines Wooga
Gunshine Zombie Edition Supercell
Imaginaerum Caramel Film/Solar Films/Scene Nation
Director: Stobe Harju
Producers: Neil Dunn, Jukka Helle, Richard Jackson, Andre Rouleau, Markus Selin
Starring: Marianne Farley, Quinn Lord, Francis-Xavier McCarthy, IIkka Villi


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