Rob Lord

Rob Lord is fast becoming one of the UK’s most experienced and sought after composers and commissioned songwriter-lyricists working in film, television, advertising and online drama in both the UK and US. His work, known for its combination of unusual and experimental instrumentation and sound with strong melodic hooks, has featured most recently in his scores for BAFTA and RTS award nominated feature documentary The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins for the BBC and for multi award winning six part US Sci-Fi drama RCVR directed by David van Eyssen. Rob recently finished scoring a new UK horror feature film, Writer’s Retreat, for Moli Films and Little People, a 52 part US animation series, for Hit Entertainment.

In a previous life Rob toured and recorded for a number of high profile groups playing keyboards and guitar for Dodgy, The Primitives, Voice Of The Beehive, The Conells and Paul Oakenfold's Grace for whom Rob wrote the UK hit You're Not Mine. Rob also had his own bands Vagabond Joy and Starpower signed to EMI and Rough Trade respectively. He also spent five years as audio director of UK games company Perfect Entertainment and scored a series of number one titles for them as well as games for Disney, Eidos, Sega, Codemasters, Microsoft and numerous other publishers.

Rob has produced remixes for Catatonia, Shriekback, The French and Ant. He has released his own Krautrock influenced music under the name Ausgang as well as having appeared on two Mute Records produced collections of Electronica and under the name Machines featured on the album The Trip compiled by Snow Patrol.


Just Cause Eidos
Bad Boys: Miami Takedown Empire Interactive
Tracy Beaker BBC/CBBC Online
I-ninja Namco
Disney’s Aladdin In Namsir’s Revenge Sony
Toca Race Driver Codemasters
Fusion Frenzy Microsoft
Chicken Run Eidos/Dreamworks
Disney’s Little Mermaid Ii THQ
Action Man: Operation Extreme Blitz Games
Action Man: Destruction X Blitz Games
Glover Hasbro Interactive
Manx Tt Superbike Sega
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage Acclaim
Discworld Psygnosis/Sony
Discworld Ii: Mortality Bytes Psygnosis/Sony
Wipeout Sega
Screamball US Gold
Primal Rage Time Warner Interactive
Pocahontas GT Interactive
Dance Camp Awesomeness TV USA
Writer’s Retreat MiloFilms Entertainment
Director: Diego Rocha
Producers: Leila Mousavi, Robert Muston, Gareth Maxwell Roberts, Lucy Selwood
The Fallow Field IndustryWorks Pictures UK
Director: Leigh Dovey
Producers: Colin Arnold
Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and MCPA USA
Director: Mike Hurst
Producers: Brad Krevoy, Donald Kushner, Pierre Spengler
Pumpkinhead 3: Ashes To Ashes MCPA USA
Director: Jake West
Producers: Brad Krevoy, Donald Kushner, Pierre Spengler
Slipstream MCPA USA
Director: David van Eyssen
Producers: David Bixler, Frank Hubner, Brad Krevoy, David Lancaster, David Wicht
Starring: Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones, Ivana Milicevic
Apartment 12 (theme Tune) Six Feet Under Films
Director: Dan Bootzin
Producer: Elizabeth Rivera Bootzin
Starring: Mark Ruffalo
Little People Hit Entertainment
Director: Rick Siggelkow
Grand Designs (1 Episode) TalkBack Productions / Channel 4
Director: Claire Lasko
Rcvr Science to Fiction Transmedia
Director: David van Eyssen
Producers: Tavin Marin Titus, David van Eyssen
History Cold Case Series (series 1 & 2) BBC
Directors: Mike Taylor, Neil Ferguson, Harvey Lilley
Wonderstuff Shine
Directors: Matthew Ainsworth, Bob Marsden
Kerwhizz (series 1 & 2) BBC
Directors: Adam Shaw, Arnfinn Moseng
Producer: Steve Cannon
Numtums BBC / CBeebies
Director: Mark Taylor
Producer: Catherine McQueen
Dinosapien Alberta Filmworks
Directors: Brendan Sheppard, David Winning, Dean Bennett, Pat Williams
Producers: Jim Corston, Jody Randall
Extraordinary People Tourettes Rewired Bellwether Media
Director and Producer: Max Jourdan
African School Lion Television
Directors: Nicki Stoker, Max Baring, Sarah Hamilton, Ed Kellie
Daring Himself Sky One / Polar Media
The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins Feature Documentary
BBC Films
Night Of The Fight: Hatton’s Last Stand Feature Documentary
The Four Year Plan Feature Documentary
Death Of A Gentleman Feature Documentary
DIR Johnny Blank
Video Nasties! Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape Feature Documentary
DIR Jake West
Blood & Oil: The Search For A Future Driver Feature Documentary
DIR Martin Stitt
Law & Disorder: The Insanity Defence Feature Documentary
Polaris Productions


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